Monsey Hanukkah Stabbing: Statement from Stephanie Madison, President & CEO of MHA of Rockland

This past weekend we were stunned and saddened to see a terrible act of violence committed against our friends and neighbors in the Rockland Jewish Community. This attack was one of many attacks against Jews in the past several weeks, not only in our area, but across the world. These events leave many of us at a loss for words, and with a lack of clarity as to what to do now. Indeed, these are times that are inspiring fear, despair, and for some, hopelessness, as we live in a world seemingly filled with chaos and hatred. While there is no one answer, we do know what will help: Standing in solidarity with our Jewish neighbors, and all neighbors facing discrimination, oppression, and hatred; rising to face the powers that spread negativity and inspire fear; talking with one another about who we are, our differences and that which unites us; inspiring and spreading messages of hope and understanding; creating a community that focuses on love and compassion. The Mental Health Association of Rockland stands with all of our community members in the creation of that community.

It has been reported that this most recent attack was committed by an individual with a history of mental illness. I’m quite certain we will hear more about that as details unfold. What I am also certain of, is the fact that one in four Americans will experience a mental illness throughout the course of their lives, and it will not make them more prone to violence. Mental illness actually makes people more vulnerable to being the victim of violence, not the perpetrator. And yet, each time we experience a tragedy, we see the same finger pointing, blame and perpetuation of disinformation that takes us all backward in our understanding of mental illness. These events intensify the stigma that we have battled throughout time; the stigma that too often stops us, our families, our children and our neighbors from getting the help they need. Let us not rush to judgment, and let us not equate hate and violence with mental illness. We must respect each other’s humanity and support those in need, while bringing justice for those affected by violence. What we need most now is light to dispel the darkness, and light can be found in truth.

MHA of Rockland Announces Lana Rumore, LMHC, as New Director of Adult Rehabilitative Services

Valley Cottage, NY – July 10, 2019 – The Mental Health Association of Rockland (MHA of Rockland) proudly announces the promotion of Lana Rumore to Director of Adult Rehabilitative Services to lead MHA of Rockland’s Personalized Recovery-Oriented Services (PROS) initiative. In this role, Ms. Rumore will restructure the PROS program by expanding the range of classes, focus on meeting individuals where they currently are and assisting them in obtaining both short term and long-term goals. Ms. Rumore will also lead a renewed focus on education and employment.

PROS was established in 2011 with the purpose of fostering healing and growth through an offering of classes and individual support to adults with complex mental health issues. Its team includes clinicians, group counselors, nurses and psychiatrists. PROS is licensed by the New York State Office of Mental Health. In 2018, MHA Rockland provided services to more than 5,500 county residents.

Since joining MHA of Rockland in 2012, Ms. Rumore has managed various departments, most recently holding the position of Director of Adult Care Management, where she was responsible for overseeing the department which helps connect members with chronic health conditions to various resources in the community in order to foster wellness and independence. Ms. Rumore has also acted as Director of Vocational Services within the agency since 2014 and will continue to promote wellness for children, adolescents and adults in the community by assisting them with vocational opportunities. She holds a Masters of Science in Mental Health Counseling from Pace University and is a certified trainer in Health Literacy and Mental Health First Aid. A Hudson Valley resident, Ms. Rumore is passionate about working within the community and currently oversees the Work Readiness Internship Development Experience (WRIDE) for high school students in the East Ramapo and Spring Valley School Districts. Through WRIDE, students participate in work readiness classes and then seek/obtain paid internships in order to journey in employment.

About the Mental Health Association of Rockland

The Mental Health Association of Rockland helps people living with mental illness and/or addiction to embrace life and redefine themselves. MHA of Rockland also welcomes and supports families, friends, employers and colleagues who care about those struggling with these challenges. Since opening their doors in 1951, MHA of Rockland has touched the lives of more than 50,000 Rockland County residents.


Organizations interested in offering customized MHA of Rockland presentations to their staff on recognizing signs and symptoms of mental health conditions, promoting individual wellness, creating a positive workplace culture, and connecting to resources in the community should contact Velvet Reda, Development Director, at (845) 216-4045,



• Genoa Healthcare will provide full on-site pharmacy services and an integrated care team approach within the Mental Health Association of Rockland in Valley Cottage, NY
• MHA of Rockland CEO Stephanie Madison will speak about how the integrated pharmacy model improves medication adherence and healthcare outcomes for clients with behavioral health conditions

WHAT: State legislative leaders will join MHA of Rockland and Genoa Healthcare leaders for the grand
opening of a new on-site pharmacy. Clients receiving pharmacy services in the same facility as their care can more easily obtain medications, leading to improved medication adherence and lower rates of hospitalization and emergency care. Genoa Healthcare is the leading provider of pharmacy, telepsychiatry and medication management services for individuals with behavioral health conditions.

The grand opening, which coincides with Mental Health Awareness Month, will include a ribbon cutting and remarks from MHA of Rockland and Genoa Healthcare leaders. Lunch will be available immediately following.

WHO: Stephanie Madison, CEO and President, MHA of Rockland
Suzanne Tamer, Director of Operations, Genoa Healthcare
Iman Badawy, Pharmacy Site Manager
David Carlucci, New York State Senator, Chairman of Committee on Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities
Ellen Jaffee, New York State Assembly Member
Kenneth Zebrowski, New York State Assembly Member
Ed Day, County Executive

WHEN: Thursday, May 16, 2019
Noon – Ribbon-cutting and remarks

WHERE: Mental Health Association of Rockland
140 Route 303, Suite H
Valley Cottage, NY 10989

About Mental Health Association of Rockland
The Mental Health Association of Rockland has a 68 year history of providing outstanding services to more than 50,000 Rockland residents since their inception in 1951. They have grown from a grassroots organization, to the premier provider of behavioral health services in the community, engaging more than 5,000 individuals annually. MHA of Rockland consistently strives to improve the quality of life for those affected by mental health and/or substance use issues. They offer a vast array of therapeutic services, with most programs offered in people’s homes, schools, and workplaces. At their location in Valley Cottage, and in the community based sites, they work tirelessly to connect people, educate families, and rebuild lives.
About Genoa Healthcare
Genoa Healthcare has been serving the behavioral health community for nearly 20 years, providing pharmacy services, telepsychiatry and medication management solutions. Today, Genoa Healthcare serves 800,000 individuals annually in 47 states and the District of Columbia, and fills more than 15 million prescriptions per year. Genoa Healthcare has more than 450 pharmacies located onsite within community mental health centers. Genoa Healthcare is part of OptumRx, a leading pharmacy care services company.
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MHA of Rockland
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