For Adults: Recovery Services Program

Recovery Services empowers people who have been affected by chemical dependency to regain control over their lives. Family members, friends, and others who are concerned about someone’s chemical use are welcome to the program whether or not that individual is seeking help.

The program is licensed by OASAS (Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services) and includes a multidisciplinary team of professionals. Individual counseling, groups, educational classes, and psychiatric treatment are available onsite.

If you are struggling with alcohol/chemical use, you might be a good candidate for one of the following.

Clinic Services

  • Adult Chemical Dependency Services for people age 18 and up
  • Adult Dual Diagnosis Program (Co-occurring Disorders) for individuals with an addiction and a mental health diagnosis, age 18 and up.
  • Impaired Driver Program: This is an educational program for people dealing with the aftermath of a DWI/DIU offense.
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT): DBT is an evidence-based therapy for individuals with co-occurring disorders, combining group and individual treatment modalities. DBT can help you to maintain control of your thoughts and emotions during stressful times and sustain warm relationships.
  • The Intensive Outpatient Program in Recovery Services offers complete addiction and co-occurring disorder treatment to clients when their addiction does not require inpatient treatment. Our IOP allows clients to work toward the recovery process while remaining in the home environment and continuing to work. The IOP is a commitment to a structured program which requires at least 9 hours of group and 1 hour of individual counseling weekly.
  • Groups offered in Recovery Services include:
      • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
      • Distress Tolerance
      • Conflict Resolution
      • Stress Management
      • Seeking Safety
      • Co-Occurring
      • Gender Specific
      • DWI
      • Early Recovery
      • Relapse Prevention
      • Sober Living
      • LGBTQ
      • Friends and Family Support
      • Parent Support Group

        This is a skills training group for the family of individuals with substance use disorders, which includes four core modules: Mindfulness, Interpersonal effectiveness, Emotional Regulation, and Distress Tolerance.  Participants will also attend individual counseling sessions weekly along with a monthly family session.

      • COA Group (children of alcoholics and substance abusers)

        This group is for children and teens that have a family member who in the past or present has had a substance use disorder. Group counseling helps the young person to understand how alcohol/drugs affect them, the “identified patient,” and their family.  Our services will also help them deal with their feelings of anger, blame, guilt or other emotional concerns. This group is not intended for adolescents who are being treated for their own addiction.

    Groups are Offered Monday through Saturday.


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We accept insurance coverage from a wide range of carriers. A sliding scale fee will also be set if you do not carry insurance.

To learn more about Recovery Services, contact:

Alison Silver
Program Director
845-267-2172, x225


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