MHA Helping Families


At MHA Rockland, we help people living with mental illness and/or addiction to embrace life and redefine themselves.  We also welcome and support families, friends, employers, and colleagues who care about those struggling with these issues. Since opening our doors in 1951, we have touched the lives of more than 50,000 Rockland County residents.

Connecting People

If you’re trying to make a meaningful change in your life, you’ll find it easier with people rooting for you.  That’s why we begin to help by connecting people with similar experiences to each other.  We do this through residential services, support groups and classes, and conversations with staff who are in recovery themselves.

Educating Families

If you care about someone whose moods or behaviors have been frustrating – or even frightening – you might benefit from learning more about mental illness and/or addiction.  This can help you make sense of what has been going on.  And you can learn in a classroom setting or in one-on-one conversations with staff who are also family members. Then you can make a plan for helping your loved one – and yourself.

Rebuilding Lives

Mental illness and addiction can derail lives.  They can make you feel less capable than you actually are.  We can help you reframe your illness and define yourself not by your challenges but by your strengths and passions.  Ultimately, that is what we’re all about.